EPFO Portal : How to Login into EPFO Member Portal?

EPFO Member Portal

How to login into EPFO Portal Online?  Now days, everything has moved into the digital world. Most of the work related and other transactions align with digital world. Earlier you had to go to the bank to check your bank balance and also for withdrawal, but now all of it has been made very simple.

You will just have to login to the banking application or the bank account portal to check your balance details by EPFO portal. A similar thing is applicable in the case of PF, wherein using online portal you can have access to PF details and also check the balance.

EPFO portal has been specifically designed to help EPF members. Online accessibility for EPF account has been made very simple and easy such that users from all over the world can have easy access to it and avail as much benefits as possible. Once you have logged on to the portal you can check your PF status online, withdraw and also transfer. With the EPFO online portal, you need not have to visit the office and stand in long queues as information can be availed online.

EPFO Portal login

Features of EPFO Portal

The online portal has been designed with some of the most amazing features as described below:

  1. our posts are user friendly and people will not encounter any difficulty while accessing it.The portal authorities are taking consistent efforts to remove the bugs and errors in the portal to make it more advanced and user friendly for the users.
  2. The portal keeps updating regularly so that latest features are added and updated with the technology. Hence every time users visit the portal they are going to find it much useful to use.
  3. The EPFO member portal provides you all the information related to your EPF (Employee Provident Fund).
  4. Once you access the account you can get account details, balance amount and also refer your passbook. Earlier you had to wait for the year end to receive PF details, but now you can check them every day if you wish to.

Above mentioned features can be easily accessed by logging on to the official EPFO portal or EPFO member portal. However, before you access the account, make sure to keep by your side all the relevant details of your account such that same can be provided for having access.

epfo member login

Easy Steps to Logging into EPFO Portal

For logging on to EPFO portal click on the link provided. After clicking on the link you will be redirected for registration and login page. If you had checked you UAN status online and you have earlier activated your UAN then you can just enter your UAN number and password, and you will be directed to the account page. However, if you do not know your UAN number, you can generate one online. All you need to do for activation is, provide your PF number and other personal information and in no time UAN shall be generated and activated. Make a note that it will take 24 hours’ time to check your passbook and account details if you have activated the UAN for the first time. Upon activation of UAN follow steps mentioned below to login to EPFO portal;

  • Login to the official website.
  • For registration, fill in the details on the main page.
  • While you fill, make sure you enter the correct details and information as your PF number cannot be changed when it is once registered. Once you have registered, you can login to the portal. If you want to login using “Pan Card” then you can click on “Select Any One Document Option” and enter relevant details in the blank space.
  • When you have filled all necessary details, make sure to check the information again before receiving the PIN number.
  • After submission of details, you will receive a PIN number on your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the PIN number to get registered with the EPFO member portal or EPFO portal.

Once you are done with the following steps mentioned above, you are all set to access your account. Now, use the credentials, just enter i.e. username and password to log in to your account. Once you are on the account page us it to update your documents; personal information and also check your account details. If you wish to change the contact email id or mobile number you can easily do it by just logging into the EPFO member portal page. Also, you can download your passbook by logging into your EPFO account.

Conclusion of EPFO Portal

Registering and using your EPF account is very simple, all you need to have is smartphone or a computer by your side. If in case you are registering yourself with mobile number make sure to keep it unique as no two persons can register themselves with the same mobile number. Once you are done with the EPFO portal registration make the most of it to stay connected to your account to receive regular updates on the status of your account and balance.

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